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Five Cards Poker Hand Value

To win at poker game the gambler is to create the five-card hand that is higher the hands of other gamblers in the play. For those who know how to play online roulette or online slots and know how to choose the best internet roulette casino to have the best time, poker will not be too difficult. Below you can familiarize with the poker hand value rules that you are to know before moving to the real money game. Poker hands are listed from the worst to best.

High Card

High Card, that has the  lowest poker hand value, doesn’t contain any pair of cards, all cards are not in succession and are from the different suit. The strength of this hand is indicated by the card of the highest value. In case of the ties the second strong cards in the hands must compared to indicate the winner. When the second strongest cards have also the same rank the third, and at last fourth and fifth cards are considered.

One Pair or Pair

This is the poker hand that has the paired cards of the same rank while the rest cards are distinct. The values of two such hands are indicated by the value of the pair, then by the highest of the rest cards.

Two Pair

This is the hand that contains two pairs and one distinct card. According to the poker hand value rules, firstly the pairs are to be compared when two hands tie then the kicker is considered.

Three of a Kind

This hand consists of three cards with one value and two distinct cards which are not paired (because in case they are the pair it is Full House rather than Three of a Kind). To indicate the winner among two such hands the ranks of three cards are taken into consideration. If these three cards are with the same value the rest cards are compared.


This is the poker hand containing of all the cards arranged consecutively. In Straights the Aces may be both of the low and high rank, : A-2-3-4-5 or 10-J-Q-K-A. If the hands tie the strongest straight hand is winning, but if the values of the straights are the same the pot is to be split.


This poker hand contains all five cards with one suit. Like in case of High Card ties the highest card in two poker hands indicates the winning one.

Full House

Full House, as it has been already mentioned, is the hand with three of a kind and a pair. When hands tie three of a kind is considered and then the pairs are compared.

Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind contains four cards from the same rank and the kicker. The value of four cards indicates the winner if the hands tie, then the distinct card is taken into consideration.

Straight Flush

This hand has the cards with the same suit ( this is flush) that are arranged consecutively (or straight). The Ace may also be taken as the low or high card.

Royal Flush

Royal Flush, which has the highest poker hand value, is the best straight flush from Ace to 10. Thus, this hand has five cards from 10 to Ace all with the same suit that are arranged in sequence: 10-J-Q-K-A, all of one suit.

Remember that standard poker hand consists of five cards. The exception is Pai Gow poker in which the player has to create two hands one of which is standard five-card combination and the second one consists of two cards.